The story so far...
A tale of some stupid shit in the jungle with some stupid shits

After returning to their barracks from the field, Tyson, PFC Argetlam, and Squire were hailed by Private Williamson, who had spotted a group of infantry and tanks headed for the settlements about two days’ march out.

The group rushed to meet them, but were called to speak with Duke Abbot and Count Marino, who reminded them of the urgency of popular support and confided that they suspected there was a mole in the FedCom on-planet. After they finished speaking, the duke followed them outside where squire was indulging in some bad gambling habits he learned from Tyson. He warned the group that the count was the mole and was after him.

The group marched two days’ time rather uneventfully to the settlements, where Tyson and Juliette broke off to scout out the area and left Squire behind in the twat, but the enemy forces showed up and quickly cored out Squire’s latest mech, leaving him stranded on the top of a building after a thankful ejection.


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